For the non-Dutch speakers (i.e. most of the world.....)

Latest News:
We did it! On October 6th 2004 we arrived in our home port Scheveningen. After 789 days, 29.003 miles, 5.445 hours underway, numerous pictures and a still overwhelming amount of wonderful experiences, places and encounters with both cruisers and locals.

We will never forget this adventure and probably we'll go again. But first, back to work and all the other wonderful things to do and see in this world!

If you like more information or have any question regarding our journey, ship or equipment don't hesitate to contact us on

For everybody thinking about doing something similar we just have one message: don't delay, just prepare and go!!! 


For the non-Dutch speaking part of the world, we have made a (very) brief summary of the general information on our website. If you would like to have more information or have any questions, please feel free to ask us. In the title of each paragraph you will find the link to the Dutch version for the pictures and such.
More details will follow soon!!!

About us (de bemanning)

We are both born in 1968 and sailing for quite some time. At first with rental boats, later with our own Dehler 31(Duetta) and since 2001 in our current yacht. We have been talking about a long sail for a long time, but always hypothetically, from the perspective that it would never happen. Until one evening back in 2001, at the quay next to the Sixhaven in Amsterdam, in the rain and with a bottle (or two) of red wine, when we figured that it might be possible. Not for ever, not even for a lot of years, but at least for 2 years. As from that moment, the idea never left our thoughts. It took a lot of thinking and investigation before we really made the decision. But, looking backwards, in our hearts the decision was already made a long time before...

About the boat (het schip)

Something we are really proud of: our Pinical. A one-off, designed by Dick Zaal and built very strong of aluminium profiles. Because of that she is not really a lightweight and super fast, but the sound and solid feeling and makes up for that, as does the better then average speed. 

About the route (de route)

The fact that we were both very attracted by the Pacific and its islands, made us decide for a not so usual plan: round the world in two years. Most people take at least three years. We know that it is possible in two years, but that there is a lot of sailing to do in those two years. That didn't stop us, although we admit that we have had second thoughts underway: there is so much more fantastic cruising ground!
Roughly, our route goes from Europe, via the Canary Islands, the Carribean, Panama, Galapagos, French Polynesia and other Pacific Islands, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Red Sea and via the Mediterranean back home.

Contact (E-mail en anders)

You can contact us via e-mail on-board (for short messages, and without attachments, because we use this account per satphone): onboard@, but then without the spaces (the spaces are to prevent spam-mail).
For on shore e-mail (for mails as long as you want) use jg@, also without the spaces.